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Exclusively obtained from our Piedmont Hazelnut IGP cold pressed, we want to explain you why we decided to add this product in our selection, and why we sincerly suggest you to try it!

The Hazelnut Oil has always been a product of our tradition, that the Langa's farmers has always prepared at home for the family.
We decided to bring you this tradition, using productive techniques that mantain its properties and its unique aroma.

This Oil is really rich in Vitamin E, Omega 3 and Omega 6, it's very digestible and light, and it carrys out an important antioxidan action.
It's an precious source of linoleic and oleic fat acid, very important for the alimentation.
They're considered foundamental in the preservation of the tissue form the aging and they're very effective to fight arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular deseases.
They're action, combined with the one of the phytosterols naturally contained in the Hazlenut, it's very important to contrast the bad cholesterol.

The Roasted Hazelnut Oil is natually rich in potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium zinc, all essential elements for the right cellular functioning.

It's good and it's good for your healt!

Its unique flavor, delicate and aromatic, perfectly match with some Langa's traditional recipes and gives a particular taste to your dishes!
Try it on Albese raw meat, or to dress the goat cheese of Roccaverano.
It creates even special combination with fish dishes, and make very rich and fresh your salads!


Enjoy in experiences, and let us know wich recipes you will create with our Roasted Hazelnut Oil!