Roasted Hazelnut Oil 100ml

Roasted Hazelnut Oil, 100ml
Exclusively obtained from Piedmont Hazelnut IGP, through a cold pressing process that keeps unalterated the nutritional characteristics.

We choose our roasted hazelnut to have a more intense and strong flavour, that makes it unique and able to intensify best every dish.

The use of hazelnut oil in kitchen is high recommended for his high contents of essential fatty acids and for the presence of oleic acid that lends it a high digestibility. As all the oil obtained with the cold pressing process, it stand out for his excellent organolepctic properties and for a higher presence of Vitamin E and natural antioxidant.

It's good and it's good for your healt!

Use it for a fresh and different dressing!
For a unique Albese raw meat, for your summer salad or simply on the bread, to taste its flavour!

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  • Roasted Hazelnut Oil 100ml
  • Roasted Hazelnut Oil 100ml
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