The Cooperative

Corilanga is a young agricultural cooperative born in 2010 with the purpose to produce, transform and sell, but most of all to enhance the Piedmont Hazelnut I.G.P.

Nowadays it includes several members that work with their medium-large farms in the area of Alta Langa, in the province of Cuneo. This is the region of Piedmont more suitable for the Hazelnut farm, that gives us a high-quality product, with a unique perfume and a fragrance. Not by chance, Piedmont Hazelnut I.G.P. is recognized as the Best Hazelnut in the World.

We decided to pass from the farming to the transformation to guarantee an high-quality product to the final customer, rigorously PGI, coming from short production chain.

We lead our work every day with passion, trying to share with our customerS the love for the fruits of our land, and trying to bring you an always excellent product.

Piedmont Hazelnut I.G.P.