Roasted in Shell Hazelnut 250g

Piedmont Hazelnut IGP cleaned, selected and roasted, without being shelled
The parfume, aroma and fragrance of the roasted hazelnut meet the ritual of the shelling with the nutcracker.


The in shell roasted hazelnut brings us to when we were kids.
To our grandmothes that were used to heat up the hazelnuts on the wooden oven, to their unique scent that enveloped all the house, to when all the family gathered around the table, cracking hazelnuts with the nutcracker and eating always too much!
We want to share with you all this cozy ritual, that reminds us of our childhood, that talks about our land, but that we know that brings back memories in those who lives and where born far from here, too.
Let's rediscover together the flavors of that times! 



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  • nocciola-piemonte-igp-tostata-in-guscio-250g
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